Artistic photographer, Craig spratt at Sunset cliffs, in San dieago California  

Artistic photographer, Craig spratt at Sunset cliffs, in San dieago California  

The Artist Behind the Camera

Born within the State of North Carolina, but was raised Overseas in Germany, Craig Spratt have seen numerous cultures and exotic locations to obtain the passion to capture art in so many ways. 

Craig Spratt is a freelance artistic domestic and international published photographer and videographer that travels where ever his camera takes him. Craig does all sorts of photography styles from sport photography, fashion modeling, real estates, special events, and automotive. Craig is also a talented film maker, and have collaborated with various clients on different style of video projects.  

Craig started out as a freelance photo retoucher for about two years, until one day a friend convince him to pursue his dreams as a professional photographer. Craig photography work first started out at car show events, capturing the beauty of automotive custom cars.

Eventually over time that passion grew into landscape and portrait photography. As the months and years passed by, magazine editors started to quickly noticed the growth and talent of Craig's professional photography work, and started to published his amazing images in their magazines... magazines from both the United States and International locations. 

Craig's unique editing skills have won over many of his clients to keep collaborating with him. Craig's unique editing skills have separated him from the rest of the photographers. His artistic style is breathtaking, and many people have compared his images to actually painting style instead of a basic photograph. 

When Craig takes a moment of free time, he enjoys relaxing at the beach, traveling to unknown locations, cooking, and spending time with amazing good people.